The Watford Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on 6 August 2021.


Inspector Will Fieldhouse BA(Hons) MA MRTPI  from the Planning Inspectorate has been appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the independent Examination of the Local Plan.


The Inspector’s task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan (para 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework July 2021) and whether it has been prepared in accordance with the legal and procedural requirements.  Plans are sound if they are:-


a)   Positively prepared – providing a strategy which, as a minimum, seeks to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs; and is informed by agreements with other authorities, so that unmet need from neighbouring areas is accommodated where it is practical to do so and is consistent with achieving sustainable development;


b)   Justified – an appropriate strategy, taking into account the reasonable alternatives, and based on proportionate evidence;


c)    Effective – deliverable over the plan period, and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic matters that have been dealt with rather than deferred, as evidenced by the statement of common ground; and


d)   Consistent with national policy – enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in this Framework and other statements of national planning policy, where relevant.


For further information on the Examination Process please use the links below to the following documents:-


Programme Officer

Louise St John Howe has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the examination of the Local Plan. The Programme Officer is  an independent Officer of the examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination process, Louise is the point of contact for any queries concerning the examination and she can be contacted by email at louise@poservices.co.uk or by telephone on 07789-486419.


Programme Officer contact details:


Louise St John Howe

Programme Officer,

PO Services,

PO Box 10965,

Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 3BF

Telephone: 07789-486419

email: louise@poservices.co.uk