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Construction Plans

Formal consultation on the final draft Local Plan

The final draft Watford Local Plan consultation has now closed. Thank you to those of you that submitted representations. We are now considering your comments as we take our next steps towards submitting the draft Plan for examination’

Form on Clipboard

Representation form

You can read the guidance notes and complete the Representation Form by clicking the following links: printable version or editable version.

You do not need to complete the representation form if you have submitted your responses on the interactive document.

Architectural Modelling

Informal consultation on the issues in the leaflet

If you want to fill in a simple yes/no questionnaire on the summary leaflet, please go to the questionnaireThe questionnaire provides an introduction to some of the important issues in the draft Plan and for you to say if you agree or not.


However, if you wish to comment on the soundness or legal compliance of the Local Plan, have your comments reviewed by the Planning Inspector or take part in the examination, you must comment on the Local Plan through the website or by filling in a representation form. You may respond to the parts of it that interest you – or all of it.

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