Local Plan A5 leaflet4-5.jpg

Watford Borough Council has prepared its final draft of the Local Plan. This will set a vision for Watford up to 2036 and guide planning decisions and new development.


Targets for new homes and jobs are set nationally and the Local Plan is an opportunity for the local community to shape how the town will change. Without an up-to-date Local Plan local people will have less say on where housing and new development should go as well as how we manage other important issues such as tackling the climate emergency.

The Local Plan is vital to make sure we are building the right homes in the right places, helping businesses to grow and delivering the infrastructure needed. The town is growing and changing, and the new Plan will help to make sure it stays a vibrant place.

The final draft Watford Local Plan consultation has now closed. Thank you to those of you that submitted representations. We are now considering your comments as we take our next steps towards submitting the draft Plan for examination.

Local Plan A5 leaflet4-5.jpg